This Greenhouse System is top of the line for Hemp & Cannabis business. 

  Whether your copmpany needs a turn key system that is off grid using Bio-Renewable & sustainable resources or a system on tablets, phones & computers that will allow all employee's to be in and out of the home, office, tractor, field, milk house, butcher/kitchen and/or on vacation. This will free up time and resources for production & sales, which equals Profits.  


Highpoint Matterhorn Cannabis Greenhouse structure & framework plans are Engineer Stamped allowing for a fast process to easily obtain the permits required from you as the purchaser. These greenhouses are Built to meet your snow & wind load needs.(more structural componentry can be added for increased loading if need be) The Designed framework is made with 4" galvanized steel columns with trusses evenly distributing loads at 12' on centers. Roof peak is a 6/12 pitch so snow & debris can be shed allowing unobstructed sunlight year round. The gutter style has a standard 12' height allowing room for propagation equipment and light deprivation systems to be added on.(additional height can be add if needed) Drainage is handled with large gutters to provide really good drainage all while allowing easy access to mantain the roof if necessary.(drainage can be collected & stored if wanted & permitted) This system is easy to assemble from beginning to end of the construction,  because the Smart design process makes it a breeze. Last but not least, end walls are 2" square steel framing allowing the mounting of shelves, racking, utilities, irrigation, fertilizer, Ag. Tech. and even insulation. 


Lets grow together, for pricing & shipping information DM, call or Email Canna Werks today to start a Greener tomorrow.

Cannabis Greenhouse System