Cannawerks is looking for people in our Western New York area to be part of Cannawerks CSA options. We have 30 plus years of Horticulture, husbandry Farming & Culinary Experience to put to work for you. Let our knowlodge give you the best products to feed your Body & Mind in the most natural ways.


Fall CSA Veggie option:

 We will have fall seasonal veggie crops, mix with festive fall flowers for your home and or gardens.


Future Endeavors:

 We are growing fast and will be expanding Cannawerks CSA options to include, bread, maple products, chicks, meat, rabbits, eggs, pumpkins, squash, gourds, flowers, recipes, canning option,  dariy/milk options, Spring options, Summer options, Winter option & Hemp option...

Fall CSA Veggie