Movable Structure for Growing

The Rolling Thunder™, Rimol’s movable greenhouse solution allows you to set up your grow just about anywhere you need. This mobile greenhouse system utilizes a heavy-duty wheel with bearings at each set of hoops attached to a specially designed ground post. The wheel/ground post combination is seated on a rail, which allows the greenhouse to move along the desired growing areas. Rolling Thunder’s design allows for the easy movement of a larger greenhouse with an ordinary tractor, and a smaller greenhouse by just two individuals.

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Features & Benefits

  • All high tunnels are designed for heavy snow and wind loads with extra support for crops
  • All greenhouses are pre-drilled, pre-cut, include all hardware and assemble very easily
  • Includes complete instructions
  • Many different options available for cooling, doors and end wall design
  • Crop support systems available
  • Quick turnaround on shipping
  • Widths from 18′ to 30′
  • Lengths from 24′ to 96′
  • Must have metal end wall framing kits
  • Extra wind bracing required on lengths greater than 48′. Use one set every 24′
  • Extra wind bracing on greenhouses with wheel assemblies 2′ or greater. Use one set every 24′
  • Use baseboards or double wire lock for along sides of greenhouse at bottom of bows.

Base Package

  • The greenhouse frame with all steel tubing pre-drilled and necessary hardware
  • Steel end wall framing kits with all steel tubing and hardware
  • A Rolling Thunder moveable greenhouse kit with rails, wheels, bracing and hardware for growing on two plots
  • Two 4 ft. x 7 ft. single sliding greenhouse doors
  • Polycarbonate, extrusions and hardware for both end walls
  • Double poly with inflation kit for roof with all necessary wire lock for gable ends and sides
  • Roll-up sides with all roller pipe, hardware and gear operator boxes for both sides
  • Some options include adding extra tubing and hardware for a third plot, gable shutters, and solar kits